In 1990, our Seuseungnim, Grandmaster Soon Kil Jang, founded Jang Star Taekwondo School in Jersey City, NJ and has since been offering his unique style of Martial Arts & Philosophies to the community.

          Having over 50 years of experience, Grandmaster Jang has become a pioneer in the Korean Martial Arts community.


          His hard work, dedication and philosophies have changed the lives of many in and around the Jersey City area. 

          Grandmaster Jang, has devoted his life to his Student-Masters, who have all been with him for over 30 years and are driven by their profound passion for the Martial Arts. 

          Those who study under Grandmaster Jang have undergone a thorough and traditional training regimen and have grown to encompass the concept that Martial Arts is founded on fine tuning one’s mind, body and spirit equally.