Warrior Star Taekwondo was founded in 2013 by Chief Master Luis Flores, who was raised in Union City and has been studying Martial Arts under our Seuseungnim, Grandmaster Soon Kil Jang for 30 years.


           As the longest standing student at Jang Star Taekwondo, Chief Master Luis has been training directly under Grandmaster Jang. Allowing him to closely follow in his Seuseungnims footsteps. Having traveled to Korea numerous times to train, perform and study Korean Culture. This has enabled him to combine Martial Arts, philosophy and Korean culture in his teachings.

            A dedicated pupil, Chief Master Luis honors his Seuseungnim through Warrior Star Taekwondo in aims to share the knowledge he continues to learn from Grandmaster Jang as he dedicates his life to Martial Arts. Citing that his desire is to offer the community the tools that Traditional Martial Arts training provides as a means to a better quality of life.