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Our Dojang

Our Dojang covers over 2,000 square feet and was designed and constructed from the ground up by Master Luis Flores with the aim to provide our students a family-friendly, distraction-free space that is optimal for study/training/reflection that also embodies our vision and captures the spirit of Korean Martial Arts.

Classes are structured, fun and taught diligently in a traditional manner & format. Classes are kept small and semi-private to ensure every student receives the attention they deserve.


Our holistic approach to teaching ensures students benefit from and are exposed to every aspect of Martial Arts education.


We offer no-contract-option, pressure free memberships that consist of programs that can be personalized to a students needs. Our intent is to create programs that students can grow and evolve with as time passes.

As Warrior Star grows so does our passion for developing as both Martial Artists and a Martial Arts school. We continue to study under Grandmaster Jang while further innovating and evolving the services we provide to our community.

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